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How to install Kodi for Android: Kodi is one of the famous apps for streaming music, videos, movies and much more. And one of the important advantages of using this app is that it allows most of the hardware platform to connect with it. So there is no limitation with Kodi. Kodi is formerly can be referred as the XBMC. It is a free and open source media player application that is being developed by the XBMC/Kodi Foundation, which is non-profit technology consortium. Here we are going elaborate that how you can easily install Kodi for Android device but you should also know that Kodi is available mostly for the multiple of operating systems as well as hardware platforms, featuring the 10-foot user interface for the use with televisions and remote controls.

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It allows all its users to play and view most of the videos, music, podcasts and other many other digital media files from the local and network storage media and internet.Kodi was initially released on June 29, 2004, that is written in Python and C++. So here we are going to discuss that how Android users can easily download and install Kodi app for Android.The step by step procedure is given below, follow the procedures for installation.

From below detailed steps, you can either install the Kodi APK from an android from an app store like Google Play or manually from the APK file. Below we have detailed the process so that a first time kodi app user can easily download the app and install it without any problem.

So don’t take any tension and start with the given steps today.

How t0 download Kodi for Android

All those who are true Kodi lover, for all of them, below are the detailed steps following which you can easily download Kodi for Android.

Installing Kodi from an APP Store

Kodi app is also now available on google play store. Below is the link from where you can easily install it. While select google play store to download the app at that time google play will automatically select that which version (ARM or x86) of Kodi is required by you and will also handle all the updates automatically unless you change the google play store preferences.

  • Google Play -Beta Testing

Also if you like that Google plays automatically install monthly, beta as well as RC test build for upcoming release of the Kodi then you can enable the beta testing from the below-given link. The links that are given below are very much useful, so follow the rules as per the steps to reach to the final installation of the Kodi app.


Note: Make sure to backup before you enable this.

Both of these alpha as well as beta builds are considered as the “semi stable” and contains latest changes that are done to kodi. They might contain bugs and also can drastically change how the program works. If you also encounter of any of the hug then yoiu can report about it to the Kodi Forum: http://forum.kodi.tv/

To exit beta program and stop the beta updates, you just need to visit the below-given link https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.xbmc.kodi/  and after that, you just need to click on the “Leave Program”.  And if you want to go back to the most recent stable build of the Kodi, then at first uninstall the Kodi and then reinstall it from Google Play Store, in order to clear the test version of app. By this all Kodi settings will get reset, so be sure to have a backup of your stable Kodi setting before beta testing and then restore from the backup easily once you have installed the stable Kodi again.

  • Manual Installation of Kodi App

In this step of manual installation, Kodi app can be easily installed using the manual installation steps as given below for normal Android device as well as for the android tv Box

How to install Kodi on Android

For Normal Android

Here is the full guide that how to install and  Kodi android download from an APK file. This is known as the side loading.  Now you can follow the step wise procedure for installation.

  • First, you need to locate the setting menu in your device and then search for the security option.
  • Now you need to enable “Unknown sources” option. This allows you to directly install the Kodi and it as much as easy as installing from google play store.

For Android TV

  •  From the Android TV launcher, you need to scroll down and select the “settings” menu.

  • Then from settings menu scroll down to find “security and Restrictions” many.
  • In “Security and Restrictions”, menu turn on the Unknown sources option.

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Download Android tv Box

You can download the kodi on android from the Kodi tv servers and the official stable build can be found in given link: http://kodi.tv/download/.  Here you need to select either ARM or x86 version as per depending on your device’s hardware. You here you need to identify the hardware of your device that either it is ARM architecture based or x86 version. You can easily know about it from the settings option in your device

For Android TV

  • From the desktop computer or phone/ tablet, you need to visit  http://play.google.com/ by using the same google account as you have used in your Android TV device.
  • Now install a browser such as the chrome, and then select the Android box from popup menu after you clicked on install/get a button.
  • To make things much easier, connect a USB or a Bluetooth mouse.
  • Now open the browser either by the voice remote or anything such as Sideload launcher.
  • Now follow the below steps as given for “normal android device”.

For Normal Android

  • Open the link http://kodi.tv/download/  in your Android web browser. Most of you will try to use the ARM link unless you have the intel or AMD CPU. So you may also get warning trying to download the file depending on which browser you use. You need to select “OK” to download it.
  • Wait till the time “apk” get to download as after we will be moving ahead for the installation part.

Install Kodi on Android

Installing the Kodi android box package is very easy as after the “apk” get download then you just need to open it up. You can do it either by the download menu in the web browser or by selecting it with a file explorer.


  • After you have selected apk file then there is a probability that you might get asked to select something to open with it. “Package installer”, “Google Play” or anything else similar to that.
  • You will get one another confirmation screen where you have to select the option install.

  • Now, wait till the time installation gets complete.
  • Now you have successfully downloaded Kodi android app.

At first when you will run the Kodi app then it will take longer time than normally it takes in order to finish some of the final installation steps. Once the installation step is complete then it will open normally. This is done only once per installation or update, so next time Kodi will start a bit faster than first time.

Once you are done then you are on the Kodi home menu just like any other platform.

Also if you are a first time user then you might wish to check this too.  http://kodi.wiki/view/First_time_user  

  • Tidy Up

Once Kodi has been installed then you can delete the downloaded Kodi APK file to save some of the disk space.

  • Update:

To update the Android Kodi for users you just need to follow the normal install steps with the newer version. All your files, as well as settings, will be saved as they all are located in many different places in user data folder. So also make sure to make the backup of the user data folder when you are going to do an update in the case something goes wrong while updating.

With the installation of the KODI APP, you must also be aware that how one can uninstall the app with ease.  So below are the steps to uninstall the Kodi app for the Android users.


To uninstall the Kodi you just need to go to your Android setting menu and then select their “apps” option. Then from there, you can easily uninstall Kodi like any other Android apps.

For the Normal Android Users

Below are the steps that you need to follow to uninstall the Kodi app for android users.

  • In your android device go into “settings” menu and then select the “apps” option.
  • Now you will have a list of apps in from of you, from there select Kodi.
  • Select the uninstall option and then confirm it.

For Android TV

  •  Go into the Android TV settings menu and then select the Apps option as given there.
  • Now go to the Download apps and then from there select Kodi.
  • Select the uninstall option.
  • Click on OK.

So this was all about that how you can easily install as well as uninstall Kodi APK for Android.  Also if you have any query you can refer to the below-given video tutorial.

As like on Android Kodi is actually available on almost all the devices that you can think of. The media center software is very easy to download, and also compatible enough with the OSX, Linux, Windows, Android Box and also even with the Raspberry Pi microcomputer that is in trend nowadays. For all those who are using iOS, the process is the bit complicated for them, iPhone will need to make sure that their phone is jailbroken before they download Kodi app.

Unlike the services like Chromecast or Plex, Kodi is all managed by the XBMC, as already mentioned above. And it is constantly being modified as well as upgraded by the countless of coders around the world. As its was created was in 2004, by then Kodi has been shaped by more than the 500 software developers and more than the 200 translators. This means that you can now easily customise by installing the add-ons or builds and also there are free as explained in the above process of installation.  And you can now also see that Kodi is not only for laptops but it can work on actually everything from a smartphone to an Amazon Fire TV stick.

kodi android box, android box

So Kodi can run now on computers, smartphones or tablets into the digital set top box or streamer, and providing all its users the ability to stream files from the internet, local storage or a home network. Unlike many other TV streamers like the new Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, Chromecast 2. Kodi is actually not held back by the licensing issue or curated app store, so allows you to download the range of community- made apps or add-ons and watch whatever you like to.

Kodi’s purpose -built UI also makes the browsing by your content simpler. The software features that what developers call it as a “10-foot UI” that means that it can be easily read from the theoretical distance up to 10ft away and also thanks to all the range of built in codes, all its users can browse the videos, photos, and podcasts quickly and easily. On smaller devices also, Kodi offers the similar experience, but it can be hooked up to the larger TV for the big screen viewing.

android tv box kodi, kodi download for android

Nowadays thousands of people are using the Kodi for their streaming purpose either may be it live sports, TV or any movie. The streaming craze is increasing day by day it is not showing the sign of slowing down and if you are also here to get the best experience with this streaming app then we are here for your help and support.

Kodi app has now become one of the most preferred apps for streaming live videos or movies. It has become one of the popular apps among all age groups.

So this was all about how to install Kodi for android start now streaming with the Kodi app and install it on your device.

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