How To Install Fear Of The Dark Kodi Addon [Guide 2021]

Here in this article, we are going to help you in installing this Fear of the Dark add-on, but before that, we would like to urge you that you better secure your open network with VPN services.

Fear of the Dark Add-on is such an ideal add-on who loves the horror stuff such as the horror movies or horror TV shows and web series episodes.
This add-on has been specifically dedicated to the horror media content, hence if you are planning to enjoy Halloween with some real horror movies visuals, then we strongly advise you to go on with Fear of the Dark KODI add-on.
The quality of the content with Fear of the Dark Add-on is also HD so that the viewers can get to witness the real effects of horror movies along with the crystal clear sound output. As a conclusion, Fear of the Dark Add-on could be your one of the most favourite add-on in the KODI playlist.
Some of the users have been reporting that Fear of the Dark Kodi Add-on has been continuously showing some error when the users are trying to access it. If you also face such issue after the installation of this add-on, then we advise you to enable this add-on getting the automatic updates from the KODI since sometimes such error occurs due to the update issues.
If you still continue facing the error then you need to check that whether there is an installation error.
Streaming the media on KODI with an open network isn’t going to be a wise choice since there are many pirates on KODI who are always looking forward to stealing your personal information and then misuse it.
Securing your open network with VPN makes sure that your network remains hidden from the reach of those people, and you can stream the media over KODI being fully safe and secured.
Here below we are providing you with the step by step guide to install the Fear of the Dark Add-on.

Install Fear Of The Dark Kodi Addon

Open the KODI and get into the main menu where you will see system icon at the top left side.

Click on the system settings icon now and you will see the file manager option next.

Click on the file manager option and then the add source option will appear next.

Select the option None

In the add source option, you need to provide the URL address of the fear of dark KODI add-on.
In the URL section provide the URL as then click on Ok.
Now you need to give a name to this added source as Colossal and then make it Ok.

Now just recheck all the fields again to make sure you have entered all the information as provided.
Now come back to the main menu of the KODI again and then click on the add-ons.

Click the package installer at the top left side of the page.

In the next box, you need to click on the option of install from zip file.

A box will slide outward now with several options from where you need to select the Colossal and then click on the Ok.

Click on the Rep_ next.

Now a pop up will appear in the top right side as Colossal repository add-on installed. (Since the server is a bit slow give it atleast 2-3 minutes to download).

Now click on the install from repository.

You will see the options of several repositories from there you need to select the Colossal repository.

Click on the video add-ons next and select the Fear of the Dark next among several other options.

Then select  Fear Of The Dark

Finally, you just need to install this add-on by clicking on the installation option.

We hope that this step by step guide will help you to install this Fear of the Dark KODI add-on without any issue.

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