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Many people are still confused about the procedure of Jailbreak and installation of Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick, so here we discussed the same and clear all the confusion of those people. It is therefore very easy to unlock the Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak and installation of Kodi over there. There are many things that the users have to keep in mind and for the things that are going to happen in the procedure. Now, let’s have a look at what exactly this is, before starting the procedure of Jailbreak and Install Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick. First of all, we have to discuss that what is a Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick. Let’s have a look at the following article which helps the users in clearing their basic knowledge about the Jailbreak.

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What is a Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick

Before discussing the whole process, let’s have a look at the Jailbreak FireStick which helps the users for understanding it better. When people refer Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak, that only meant that media software server is installed there. Therefore, Jailbreaking is typically used when super user access gained all the rights to install that software in their devices without having any restrictions and then utilize them functionally in order to get the wonderful experience of the new features and updated functions of the Kodi app.

Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick 2019

How To Jailbreak and Install Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick

Generally, the users get fooled easily by the scammers who motivates them to understand that Jailbreaking is a very important part and every user must install it on their devices. Therefore, it is not necessary to do that the user can simply install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick by just following these simple steps. Let’s have a look at the steps that are given below which will help you in understanding the whole process of installing kodi on an Amazon Jailbreaking FireStick.

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Step1:  First of all, the user needs to go to the Settings of their Fire TV Home Screen.

Step 2: Then, the user needs to enable both of the ADB Debugging options and select the Apps from Unknown Sources.

Step 3: If the user has the new Fire Stick interface, then the user needs to select the option of setting then, go to device option and then, Developers option.

Step 4: Then, after doing this much the user needs to go to Device option, then, About option, then, choose the option of Network and take note of the IP address of the Fire TV.

Step 5: Now, the user needs to install the ES Explorer by searching for it in the options which are there in their devices itself and install it from Amazon App Store.

Step 6: Then, the user needs to start ES Explorer and go to the options of Tools then, Downloads, then Add Bookmark and then the user needs to add the link directly to the Kodi file for Android.

Step 7: When the user will write the article, then they have to copy and paste the link of the web page that they have given earlier.

Step 8: Therefore, the user needs to make sure that they have to paste the proper link.

Step 9: Then, the user needs to open the bookmark which will ask the user if they want to open it or not then, after opening it, there will be the option for downloading the file and the user needs to click on that.

Step 10: After doing this much, the user needs to click on the option of Install.

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Step 11: The Kodi is now installed in the user’s device and they will have to start using it and having a wonderful experience.

How to Jailbreak a Firestick

Now, the Kodi app is installed on an Amazon Fire Stick and it’s time to enjoy the wonderful app. The user has now installed it through the most important step of how to jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick.

The next step after that is installing the Add-ons that will allow the users to access a lot of the content. Therefore, it is highly recommendable to the users that they have to install the No Limit Magic Build which offers them all of the important Add-ons and the most important apps which are required in Kodi in one installation.

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Then, after following these simple steps the user can easily install the kodi in an Amazon Fire Stick and this will provide them the most unforgettable experience of watching movies, streaming videos, playing the game and many more things. It is highly recommendable to the users to download and install the app at least at once which will help them in getting the most wonderful and new features and functionality of the new things that are being available on their devices just by downloading and installing it from either its official website or from Google Play.

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