🥰How to Setup & Install Players Klub Addon on Kodi 17.4🥰

Hey, friends! Our topic for today is How to Setup and Install Players Klub Add-ons on Kodi Guide but before proceeding towards for discussing the same, let’s take the overview of Players Klub Add-on. This overview is for those users who are not aware of the same and in order to make them aware of it we have to discuss some of the features of the Players Klub Add-on so that the users will understand better about the Kodi Players Klub Addon.

The Players Klub is an IPTV service which costs around $5 per month and it serves over more than 600 HD TV Channels. Therefore, the user needs to register on the official website of the Players Klub premium Add-ons and the user needs to make their account on that for which they can use their billing panel. Once, the users will get their website, they need to click on the pricing or plan links and after that they need to make a click on the option that says Sign up which is under the option of Premium Package.

Therefore, the Kodi Player Klub IPTV service providers provide the reliable streams which are there in the following categories. Let’s have a look at them which is given below:

  • 24/7 Channels.
  • UK TV Sports and Movies.
  • USA TV.
  • Canadian TV.
  • Local Spanish Latino Mexican TV.
  • PPV Replays.
  • PPV Live Events.
  • NFL Games.
  • NHL Center Ice.
  • Latino/ Spanish TV.
  • Local News.
  • MLB Extra Innings.

Apart of this, they also provide many movies on the demand of the users and there are different categories of these movies which are as follows:

  • Action movies
  • Sci-Fi movies
  • Comedy movies
  • Family movies
  • Horror movies
  • Thriller movies
  • Mystery movies

However, this IPTV services also includes an EPG which is called as Electronic Program Guide which looks somehow familiar as to those that are found on dish services and cable services and this Player Club has worked perfectly on both of the system i.e. on Fire TV and on Fire TV Stick which are considered as one of the most popular streaming devices. Therefore, there are different ways of installing the Players Klub APK Add-ons and we have shared the simplest one with our users so, they can install it easily.

How to Install the Players Klub add-ons on Kodi

Below are the steps for installing the Players Klub Add-ons.

Step 1: First of all, the user needs to install Kodi on their streaming box or in their system (PC).

Step 2: Then, they need to launch Kodi.

Step 3: After that, the users need to click on the option of settings which is on the top of the left side of screen that will come under the logo of Kodi.

Step 4: Then, the user needs to click on the system settings.

Step 5: After doing this much, the user needs to come over the menu of Add-ons and then the user needs to turn on the option of Unknown sources.

Step 6: When the user have done this much, they will get a confirmation message and they must click on YES option.

Step 7: Then, the user needs to click on the remote and they need to go back to the System Page.

Step 8: Then, they need to click on the option of File manager.

Step 9: After that, they need to click on the option of Add Source.

Step 10: Then, the user needs to click on None option.

Step 11: Once, the user have done this much, they need to enter the URL i.e. http://theplayersklub.us/playersklub and after entering this, they need to click on OK.

Step 12: Then, the user needs to highlight the box that is under the source in which the user have typed the above URL. The user has to give a name to that source as well and they need to remember the name that they have given to them and after this they need to click on OK.

Step 13: After this, the user needs to click on the back button until they will be get back ot the home screen of kodi.

Step 14: Then, the users need to click on the menu items of Add-ons.

Step 15: After this, the users need to click on the Open Box which is at the top of the screen that is on the left side of page under the heading of Addo-ns.

Step 16: After doing this, the user needs to click on the option of Install from Zip File.

Step 17: Then, the user needs to click on the source ( which they have named in earlier steps).

Step 18: Now, the user needs to click on repository.playersklub zip file.

Step 19: Then, the users needs to wait until the players klub repository add-ons installed.

Step 20: After this, the user needs to click on the option of Install from the repository.

Step 21: Now, the users needs to click on the option of Players Klub Repository.

Step 22: Then, click on the Video Add-ons.

Step 23: now, click on Player Club Add-ons.

Step 24: then, click on Install.

Step 25: the user needs to wait until they see the message of installation of players klub addons.

Step 26: At last, the user needs to launch the Players Klub Kodi Add-on and after that the user needs to enter their account username and password.

Best Live TV Addons Players Klub on Kodi 17.4 Krypton

Thus, these are few simple steps of installation of Players Klub Add-ons and the users needs to read them carefully in order to install them properly. Hope the users will get all the relevant information which is required for proper installation of Players Klub Add-ons.

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  1. Hi, a friend has given me his I’d and password for Vader Streams for me to try before I subscribed, however there promise of no buffer, or freezing has fell short and I’ve nearly put my foot Thru the tv trying to watch football,
    I’m with Virgin who as far as speeds go are the best in our area,
    Are there any settings for my mxq pro 4K box I need to address or is it simply Vader Streams reliability, I’m not impressed with there service and considering trying yours out, or am I going to have the same issues ?

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