🥰How to Setup & Install Pulse CCM Build on Kodi🥰

Before proceeding towards the Setup and Installation part of Pulse CCM Build Guide, let’s have a look at what Pulse CCM Build actually is. As everyone is not aware of this build and the one who knows about it will get to know something new after reading this. The Installation of Pulse CCM Build is not a tedious task if the user already knows about the functioning and features of the same. It is, therefore, one of the three variants of the most famous Pulse Kodi Build and they are AEON NOX and Lite.

Therefore, the Pulse CCM Build is the part of the Ares Wizard that makes it very easier for the users to install it on their devices and if the user has already used this Ares Wizard then, the procedure of installing will going to be very easier for them. The users just need to get build PIN for pulse to know that how to install Pulse on Kodi CCM and rest of the further information is given below in the installation process of the Pulse CCM Build.

The users have to keep one thing in mind before moving to further steps that Pulse CCM is not the part of the official Kodi repository and if the users gave any kind of confusion or questions, they don’t have to go to the Kodi support forums for any kind of help. The users can go to the Kodi community with their questions that they want to ask.

Now, let’s have a look at the process of installation of Ares Wizard in detail and after that, we will discuss How to Setup and Install Pulse CCM Build. The users need to follow the steps carefully as each and every step is important and if the user will miss any of the steps then, they will unable to install that in their devices.

How to Install Pulse CCM Build

Step 1: First of all, the user needs to open the Kodi app. There, they will see a desktop and then, they need to click on the setting option which is there in the window.

Step 2: Then, the users will get an icon of file manager at the bottom of the screen and they need to open the File Manager.

Step 3: After that, the users need to tap on the option of Add Source in order to add the required source file.

Step 4: Now, the dialogue box will pop up on the screen and the user needs to click on none and tap on OK.

Step 5: Then, the screen will show up the place where the users need to enter the URL of Ares Project repo without any error. If the users made any kind of mistakes in entering the path then, it will show the error and not be added in your device.

Step 6: After doing this much, the user needs to choose the name for the file according to their own wish and then press OK. The user needs to make sure that the name that they are giving to the file is not used before.

Step 7: Now, the users need to go back to the main menu just by tapping on ESC key and after that they have to click on Addons option in the menu that has been shown to them.

Step 8: Then, after this, the user needs to find an icon like unzipper which is there on the left side at the top corner. Once, they find it they have to click on it.

Step 9: Then, the user needs to press install from zip file in order to install the ares project repository file on the next screen.

Step 10: The user will find many files under the Zip From File box and they need to hang on to the file which they have given a name in the previous steps.


Step 11: After that, the users have to click on the repository.arts project folder. The users will find the repository.aresproject.zip on the next screen and once they get it they need to click on it.

Step 12: Now, a pop-up will appear on the user’s screen at the right corner when the zip file will be installed.

This is all about the installation of the process of Ares Project Repository. Now, let’s see the procedure of install Kodi Pulse CCM Build.

Step 13: First of all, the users need to open the Ares Project Repo by clicking on install from repository.

Step 14: Then, they have to select Ares Project Repository and double-click on it.

Step 15: Then, the users will see three major add-on categories which contain music, videos, and program and the user will find some more add-ons in the same category.

Step 16: After that, the users need to click on the program add-ons where the users can see Ares Wizard and they need to double-click on it.

Step 17: Now, when the user gets into the same, they will find an installation option which is at the bottom of the screen. The users need to tap on it in order to start the installation process.

Step 18: Then, it will take few time to download the required file and once it’s done, the user will get a notification message that the installation is successfully completed.

Step 19: Once you get the notification of installation, you need to click on the Ares Wizard.

Step 20: Now, the user will get an open option on their screen and they need to tap on it in order to open the add-on.

Step 21: This will take the user to the home page of Ares Wizard add-on where they will see a menu at the top of the scree which contains various builds, addons, backup tools, and settings. The user has to click on the browse builds.

Step 22: the user will see a large number of builds on the next page and there they will see the option of Kodi Pulse CCM Build, they need to click on it.

Step 23: There, the users will see all the available versions of Pulse CCM zip for krypton and Jarvis as well and the users need to select Kodi Pulse CCM Krypton and click on install.

Step 24: once the file is installed, it will ask the users whether they want to start fresh or retain their data. The users need to click on NO and proceed further.

Step 25: Then, it will ask for your permission to close Kodi and the user has to click OK then, it will shut down the Kodi and the users will open it again then it will be ready to use.

Now, the file is installed successfully and the users can enjoy the services of Pulse CCM Kodi Build in their devices. The users can ask if they have any queries regarding the same and they will get a response very soon.



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