❤️How To Install Sports Angel Kodi Addon [Guide 2020]❤️

If you are a sports lover who tends to watch the sports show such as UFC leagues, wrestling etc on KODI then you must give a trial to the Sports angel KODI add-on.

It is such a wonderful KODI add-on which can be a huge hit among the sports lovers, who are made up of the old sports add-on which don’t stream well the sports content.

With Sports Angel KODI add-on you can enjoy the UFC, wrestling and other such sports games without any flaw. The video quality of this add-on is decent where you get to witness the full HD class access to the sports shows. The audio quality is also decent with clear and enjoyable sound.

In this article, we would help you to install the Sports Angel KODI add-on by our Sports Angel APK but before that, we urge you to secure your open network with VPN so that you can make the most of this add-on.

VPN basically stands for the Virtual Private Network which helps the users to safeguard their open network, so that they can stream media on KODI being fully safe from the reach of pirates who always tend to steal and misuse the personal information of the KODI users.

We further make you aware that KODI doesn’t allow streaming the pirated media on its platform hence you better don’t get indulged into streaming the pirated media on KODI.

How To Install Sports Angel Kodi Addon

Here below we are providing you with the step by step guide to install the Sports Angel KODI add-on :

Go to the main menu of the KODI and there you will find the system settings icon.

Click on that system settings icon and then you will see the file manager option click on that.

Now the add source option will appear where you need to provide the URL of Sports Angel addon.

Select the option NONE

Enter there the URL as http://kdil.co/repo/and then click Ok.


Now name this add-on as KODI Israel and then make it Ok.

Now again re-check all the fields to make sure everything is correct and then come back to the main menu of KODI.

Returning to the main menu click on the Add-ons

There you need to click on the add-ons section and then click on the package installer icon.


Now click on the other option which says install from the zip file.

Then next a box will slide outwards and there you will see the KODI Israel icon click on that.

Now next click on kodil.zip

Let the repository install and wait for a pop-up message to appear at the top-right saying Repo Installed

Then click on install from repository.

Click on .Kodil Repository

Then click on the video add-ons next.

Few options will appear in the next box and you need to choose Sports Angel from them.

Finally, you will see the install option and your task will be finished there.

So, this is how you can easily install sports angel KODI add-on by following our step by step easy guide. If you face any issue in the installation purpose of this add-on then feel free to approach us for help.

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