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Kodi is popularly known for its Kodi music add-ons, TV shows, Movies, Streaming videos, and games. There are many music add-ons available in kodi and the users can play as many songs as they want to play. Generally, people have different choices in music and they want different music albums through which the users can easily able to play the music of their choice anywhere at any time. There are some Best Music Addons for Kodi which contains a lot of best music playlists in it. The only thing that the users want to do for getting these Top Kodi Music Addons is they have to install them in their devices.

Therefore, there are many music addons for Kodi but he there we will discuss some of the best Music Addons for Kodi which are mostly used by the users and are top rated music addons at present time. The users just have to install the music Kodi addon of their choice and the music add-ons are installed in the same way as a video add-ons are installed from the repository. Now let’s have a look at the Top Music Add-ons for Kodi which are given below.

Best 5 Music Addons for Kodi

There are many music addons but these are the top 5 music addons for kodi which are very popular and mostly used by the users. The list of the top 5 music  addons for kodi are as follows:

  1. Thunder Struck,
  2. YouTube Music,
  3. MP3 Streams,
  4. Music Box, and
  5. Rave Player.

Thus, these top 5 Kodi music add-ons are discussed below in detail. Have a look at these in order to get all the relevant information regarding the same.

Thunder Struck: Kodi Music Addon

  • Thunder Struck is very popular music addon for Kodi which has the maximum number of views on Google and it is therefore mostly used by the Kodi users.
  • ThunderStruck have different sections for music, concerts, radio, search, music videos and karaoke.
  • Thus, all the above sections are divided into subsections with various different types of genres to pick from.
  • This music addon has a large list of songs from the latest music to 90’s music.

YouTube Music: Kodi Music Addon

  • YouTube is one of the greatest sources of streaming all new and old songs along with the video.
  • YouTube Music is, therefore, a Kodi addon which plays its music within Kodi and it also divides its songs into some categories through which the users can find the music easily.
  • It is, therefore, one of the great addons to have any kind of setup for Kodi which helps the user in playing any of the songs that the user can think of playing.

MP3 Streams: Music Addon for Kodi

  • MP3 Streams is a Kodi addon which feeds almost everything right from the top of the albums to its alternatives.
  • Therefore, its controls are the little bit different and might be hard for the users but it streams very well and better than others.
  • The users can only play songs in MP3 Streams and they cannot play videos on it.
  • This music addon is regularly updated with new features and functions.
  • This addon allows its users to download the content from the device or connected networks drive.
  • Therefore, it also has a feature in which the user can add the albums into their favorite folder and the user can make and mix their own playlists in it.

Music Box: Music Addon for Kodi

  • Music Box is considered as the best music addon in Kodi and it is performing well since last 2 years.
  • Therefore, it has nothing to do with TV, movies, and sports.
  • The user can take the advantages of the services of music box by just creating their account on it by submitting all the details.
  • It has a lot of features like the user can get the entire list of the iTunes chart according to the chart and therefore, it has a list of all the albums which are currently in the chart and the users can play them instantly.
  • It has a great movie soundtrack section for the users who are interested in listening new blockbuster soundtracks music.

Rave Player: Best Music Add-ons for Kodi

  • Rave Player is another great music addon that has been used for many years.
  • Therefore, it is best for those who enjoy listening old music as it has a very vast list of these kinds of music.
  • It is one of the oldest addons around 3 years older and Tommy has done a great work in updating this app from last three years.
  • It has come up with banging rave tunes which particularly have different sections for mixtapes and DJ sets.
  • It also has the podcast sections and live radio stations for the users through which they can listen both audio and video radio stations.
  • Most of its best DJs are covered in the addon from garage, house, jungles, and others.
  • If the users have this addon installed in their devices then, they can either get it from the official website of this or from Google Play.

Setup & Install Kodi Music Add-ons



However, these are the top music addon for Kodi through which the users can get the music of their choice as they will provide them many different ways of music by providing them various different options through which the users can enjoy the music of their choice or they will get many new experiences in listening to the music. The users just need to install those add-ons which the users can enjoy.

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